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Endless Shine

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Endless Shine

Detailing spray to refresh the gloss

Quick Detailer Endless Shine is like a wellness treatment for all automotive coats. This detailing spray effortlessly removes light specks of dust, water marks, and bird droppings to leave behind a smooth and shiny finish. Includes an outstanding beading effect. Suitable for a variety of surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic, and metal.



  • By hand:
    In circular motions


  • Refreshes protection and gloss
  • Long-lasting sealant
  • Perfect water-beading properties
  • Leaves behind no marks on plastic
  • Versatile: can be used after washing or after polishing
  • Dirt- and dust-repellent coating
  • No added waxes or fillers

Recommended usage

  1. Use: restoring the shine of sealed and unsealed surfaces such as coating, glass, plastic, metal and rubber following washing or sealing.
  2. Spray Menzerna Endless Shine onto the coated surface.
  3. Work in the quick detailer using circular motions.
  4. Use another clean microfiber cloth to dry the surface.

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