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Heavy Cut Compound 400 Green Line

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Heavy Cut Compound 400 GREEN LINE

An innovative automotive polish that removes scratches and creates gloss without hazardous solvents

This VOC-free automotive polish removes sanding marks and leaves behind a glossy finish, all in a single step. It quickly removes scratches in the car paint and ensures optimum polishing results, without any annoying odors. This automotive polish is VOC-free pursuant to DIN EN ISO 11890-2 and does not contain any hazardous volatile solvents. The diminishing abrasives enable pleasant working, all the way through to the finish.

Multi-stage premium polish


  • Rotary:
    At the start: 800 – 1,500 rpm
    Towards the end: 1,800 – 2,000 rpm
  • Orbital:
    Lower to upper rotational speed range

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