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SPF can both insulate heat from outside and dramatically accelerate the rate of heat dissipation, keep your vehicle relatively cooler so that you will embrace a brand-new driving experience. Moreover, SPF blocks 99% of these harmful UV, providing long-term protection that preserves and prevents fading and discoloration of your car’s interior and also from skin damage. Besides, the safety of SPF is improved due to the excellent thickness and SPF can withstand the harshest conditions and damage with ease.


Water Stain-Resistant

UPPF with extremely hydrophobic property can resist stains.


UPPF can resist the effects of turning yellow.


UPPF with self repairing performance protects your original car paint


UPPF has the best anti-fouling performances to protect your car from stubborn stains. Make the car as bright and shining as brand-new.

UV Rejection

Barrier 92% infrared ray and block 99% UV light to protect your car from the sunlight.

No Orange Peel

UPPF series without orange peel, it is still smooth and bright as new.


Color Paint Protection Film has 10-year warranty which against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.